October 9 2023 Meeting

Dear AAUW Fairbanks (AK) Branch Members,

We are skipping the newsletter this month, but our October program is a go! Please join us next week.

Understanding Transgender People: The Basics

Hudson Bolduc – Nanook Diversity & Action Center

Casey McMillan – UAF Office of Rights, Compliance & Accountability

October 9, 2023, 7:00 – 8:00pm

(as late as 8:30, if more discussion occurs)

Click on this link to register for this Zoom presentation:


Issues of equality and acceptance of transgender and nonbinary people — along with challenges to their rights — have become a major topic in the headlines. These issues can involve words, ideas, and identities that are new to some and can feel unfamiliar and awkward. Join us for a few basics, along with definitions of common terms used to describe gender identity. We’ll scratch the surface of the language and vocabulary that accompanies the transgender experience.

This program will be full of information. It will not be a debate, and it won’t answer all our questions. We may come away still wondering, and still lacking full understanding. But learning is a process, and we hope this presentation provides a step forward as we strive towards true inclusivity and allyship. Use the link above to register.

Please share the attached information with those you believe sincerely want to learn more about this subject. We have opted for the Zoom experience to address the concern some of us feel about hosting a program on such a politically and emotionally charged topic. The meeting will utilize experienced gatekeepers to ensure that we can learn in a safe setting.

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