Scholarship Deadline Was March 1, 2019

Application Period is now closed for this year.  The Scholarship Committee is working to determine winners and they will be announced soon. Winners will be introduced at the April 20 Scholarship meeting.

The Fairbanks Branch awards two local scholarships: Ann Rhian Memorial Scholarship and the Nancy Johnson Memorial Scholarship. And this year there will be an additional AAUW Fairbanks Branch Scholarship.

They are awarded annually in April to local women who live in the Interior of Alaska, north of the Alaska Range, and are pursuing a certificate or degree to advance their careers, change careers, or reenter the work force after a break. The awards are based primarily on merit.

Additional information on other Educational Funding and Awards is also available from:


The 2018 Nancy Johnson Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Brenda Riley and the Ann Rhian Scholarship was awarded to Kelly Schmitz.

The 2017 Nancy Johnson Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Barbara VanFlein and the Ann Rhian Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Kitty Berner