May 17 2021 Meeting: Zoom and presentation on Library

Monday, May 17th, 7:00 PM via Zoom

For our last gathering of the “year” we invite you to indulge in some awesome chocolate. Here is an opportunity to shop for something you might not ordinarily have on your shopping list.

Pair it with a fine red wine or a beverage of your choice and join our AAUW members for a delightful evening. Relax and share your choices with the rest of us and broaden our limited tastes.

Share with us one of your covid creations or pandemic products or perhaps a viral vision. Don’t be shy! We know that you have been busy.

Then sit back and enjoy a presentation by our own Melissa Harter, director of the Noel Wien Public Library, on what is happening now at the library and what is in store for the library’s future.