February 2020 Branch Meeting

Monday, February 17, 7 pm, Raven Landing Founders Room (This is the Conference room in the main Community Center. Enter through front door, continue down hallway toward the Library area. Conference room will be on the right) Pat Turner is hosting and will be providing some cookies. If you would like to bring some other finger food, it would be appreciated but not necessary.

Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women

Jody Potts and Misty Nicoli, staff members, Native Movement, Fairbanks Alaska

In the United States, Native American Women are more than twice as likely to experience violence than any other demographic.  One in three Native women is sexually assaulted during her life, and 67% of these assaults are perpetrated by non-Natives.  (Wikipedia).  There are lots of reasons for this disparity; policy, legal jurisdictions, political activity (or lack perhaps) in the US Congress, and just plain old unawareness of the issue.  Monday night, AAUW is presenting a program by Jody Potts and Misty Nickoli, staff members of our local Native Movement organization, on the local aspects of this issue.